..Well, it can be, when you're dating a vampire. 

Chapter 20 - Date Night - Revalations and Chapter 21 - Date Night - Dangerous Territory are now up.

Alex's secret is now out in the open, and Cassie is struggling to get to grips with the intricacies of dating someone so dangerous.  But is he as dangerous as he claims to be?

At this point, Cassie hasn't seen any indication of the danger that Alex claims surrounds her.  After all, he hasn't hurt her, or made her feel anything but safe, and loved.

But everything is about to change.  Dating a vampire is dangerous - especially when the attraction is electric, and, on his part at least, the sound of every heartbeat, and the scent of her blood is so enticing.  How close can these two actually get?   And what will happen when a line is crossed, a line that in any ordinary relationship, would not pose any threat?
Coming soon:  

Chapter 22 - Early Saturday Morning.

Still shaken by the occurrences of the night before, Cassie has made a decision - one she doesn't really want to make, but one she knows is the only way to keep both herself, and Alex, safe.

Alex has something more to share with Cassie.  There are more secrets to be revealed, but if she does what she says she will, he won't get a chance to tell her.   Can he convince her to change her mind?

And then there is the dawn, where Alex reveals to Cassie what he truly is...

Chapter 23 - Visiting The Graysons

Cassie finally gets to visit Alex's home.  Amaia teaches Cassie something new, and Alex introduces Cassie to a couple of Charlotte's pets.  

But Alex is about to reveal to Cassie the secrets involving Astra and her crystal pendant.  Questions are about to be answered, and the ultimate question asked:  Can Cassie deal with all the secrets that the Grayson Family holds? 

Stay tuned... or whatever the term may be for following an online novel...


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