I have succeeded in posting 2 chapters today:

Chapter 34 - Training.  How will Alex help Cassie deal with her fear of falling, and fighting while Astra is in flight?  Will Cassie ever be able to fight?

Chapter 35 - Lady Jennabeth's Warning.   This chapter finally introduces Lady Jennabeth Goldenrod, the Head Star Kin.   She is definitely nothing like what Cassie expected.  She has a message for the Graysons, which may spell the end of everything that Alex holds dear.    

Did you say.... "Cliffhanger Ending"??!!

I only have 5 chapters left to post in this particular book, however the story is far from over.   Hence, I am posting a bit of a "heads-up" about the story.  There WILL be a cliffhanger ending... but fear not, the story does continue in Extraordinary Part 2.

I had a hard time choosing where to split the story.  I had initially split it further into Part 2, however one of my initial readers advised that the point I had chosen to use to split the story could leave the reader feeling a bit depressed (due to a difficult decision that is made, though for good reason, between the main characters) and possibly like they wouldn't want to continue reading.   That, of course, is not my intention at all.  I want my readers to want to pick up the next book and to want to finish the story.

So I moved the split point to an earlier moment in the story.  It is a moment that hopefully leaves my readers hanging out for more, wanting to pick up and continue reading from where the story leaves off.  It is a point that is hopeful, despite the threats that hang around the characters.

Believe me, what I have planned for Part 2 is so much more:  More drama, more of the Craevyrn causing issues, more of Alex and Cassie discovering just what they mean to each other, and the life that Alex leads.  I think of Part 2 as a slightly darker book, with slightly more adult themes than this one, but I believe it is necessary for Cassie to face the decisions she has to make, in order for her to grow as a character, finding her strengths, and her weaknesses, and learning to deal with those.   Many more twists, turns, and mysteries to discover lie ahead!


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