Today I have posted another two chapters, in addition to the two I posted yesterday (or early this morning according to my clock!)

Chapter 26 - Frightening Expectations  and Chapter 27 - Amaia's Story

In Chapter 26, Cassie is told about the Grayson's enemy - The Craevyrn.  Her reaction to all the secrets so far has been reasonably calm, but after seeing Astra's true form will Cassie's reaction to hearing about their enemy be as calm?

In Chapter 27, Amaia tells Cassie about her entry into the Grayson family - how she coped, and the secrets she holds. 

Amaia's story is set to be covered in more detail in a future book that I've drafted and started manuscripting. 

Oh, and only 14 chapters to go until this novel is completely published on this site.  I'm waiting for comments from my readers, just let me know what you think of what you've read so far, or better yet, click one of the buttons on the poll.  I really am interested in feedback so that I can improve as a writer.


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