I've been busy editing away at both Extraordinary, and The Secrets We Keep, posting up chapters as soon as I'm happy with them.

So Chapter 17 - The Crystal's Pull and Chapter 18 - Alex's Story, are now live, and readable.  

In short - Chapter 17 reveals to Cassie something about the crystal, and the effect it has on her and on Astra.  She also meets Kaspar, one of Alex's friends.  

Chapter 18 is a much shorter chapter, but in it Alex reveals a bit more about his own life, and the choices he has had to make.

I'm very excited to be leading into the Date chapters and the Saturday chapters, which are lengthier, but I think well worth it.   Cassie has a lot to learn about who she is to the Graysons, and what she is capable of.  
Your patience, as I've been slowly (and probably painfully) revealing Alex and Cassie's secrets, will be rewarded soon.

Today I also drafted 11 pages of a future story.  My husband was very surprised to arrive home and find me grinning away, tapping at the laptop.  (Usually I'm frowning, as I edit.  Grammar and punctuation are not much fun, but make for easier reading!)
"What did you get up to today?" he asked, as he does every afternoon.
"Oh, not much.  Just wrote eleven pages of a new story!"
He grinned, probably thinking I was completely nuts.  It's okay.  A writer has to be at least a little bit nuts, to think of all the "possibilities".  

Meanwhile, I'm excited about the new characters I have been developing today, and their impact on the Grayson's world - much further down the track of course!

I did warn that this would be a series! 

So feel free to read, share, comment, blog, love, hate, whatever!  I look forward to receiving some responses! 
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