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Finally, after spending the last few days organising the page, re-editing it as I copied it over from my manuscript, and then re-reading it about thirty times to make sure my edits made some sort of sense... I have now published Chapter 12 - An Eventful Day.  I can only imagine how long it would have taken if I was actually writing this as I posted the chapters!  The initial draft of this chapter took quite a while for me to write.

This chapter is quite pivotal to the whole story.  After untimely events place Cassie in danger, she confronts Alex about what she has discovered while researching.  Alex reveals part of his secret, and Cassie reveals her true feelings.

I hope you enjoy reading it.  Still more to come, of course, but I need to take a bit of a break and write some more/edit some more of my other manuscripts as well.   

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