The Graysons lead a rather magical life, don't they?

Their other "pets" start to make an appearance, in Chapter 28 - Incredible Creatures and Chapter 29 - The Joy Of Flight.  Othin and Seraphina are unusual pets, and not the only ones that the Graysons are involved with, as Cassie's birthday chapters will reveal.

In Chapter 30 - Auntie Bea and Uncle Tom, a couple of members of Cassie's family make an appearance.  

Tom and Bea Jefferson
Auntie Bea, Cassie's Mom's sister, is obviously a fun-loving woman, who thinks a lot of Cassie.  Uncle Tom is an adrenaline junkie, which becomes obvious when he tells Cassie about his adventures photographing the plane wreck.   These characters are set to make several appearances in both parts of the book as it progresses. 

In Chapters 31 and 32, Cassie turns eighteen, and that means her part in the Grayson's life is about to become much clearer to her.

in Chapter 31- Cassie's Birthday Morning, Alex takes Cassie on a surprise birthday day trip.  The place they visit is an actual place, in Seattle:   Bill Speidel's Underground Tour.  
I did a bit of research on this particular tour.  Because it is run through Seattle's underground, (the original Downtown Seattle), which was around prior to the 1890's, it places it in the perfect time frame for Alex's history.  The current Pioneer Square and surrounding district was built on top of the original area, leaving the original store fronts as basements for the existing shops.   
There is a good write up about the history of the area on Bill's site, so have a bit of a read.

In Chapter 32 - Cassie's Birthday Afternoon,  Cassie becomes very aware of what, exactly, her involvement in the Grayson's life will mean.  She also meets more of the Grayson's pets.  Fantasy is about to become reality, and Cassie's world is about to change... but whether that is for the better, or worse, is yet to be seen.


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