Okay, so anyone who has read my story will know that Cassie suffers from strange dreams, as part of her Oracle gift...  But now it's my turn!  I don't often dream much to do with my books, and they're not often something I remember 12 hours after the fact.  

However,  in amongst everything else weird I usually dream (lately: food dreams anyone?? Making me hungry!!) I had the most bizarre dream that I was back in high school.

I was at the school library, looking for books on drawing dragons.  That in itself isn't so weird, since I have actually been looking for books like that to help with some concepts images for my Astra character.
Anyway, in my dream I found such a book.  It was awesome, since it had an image of a Black Labrador (!!) and the section description was "Drawing dragons using a dog as a base form".  

Too perfect, right??  

Anyway I went to the librarian to borrow it, and found out I had no library card.  So I got an application, filled it in, and gave it to her.  Then she told me that the book was not able to be released to me "because it is in it's holding phase, which all new books go through."

I thought, "Well, okay.  Whatever their rules are, it's TOTALLY worth the wait."    

They boxed the book up with a whole lot of other books in a massive box, and taped it up.  They told me that the book was registered against my name, and once it was released from "holding" I could have it.  

I was just about to ask them how long I'd be waiting, when I woke up!  HOW FRUSTRATING!  

Yes, I know it was just a dream!    It was definitely one of those dreams that Cassie describes as "one where you want to go back into it to finish it".  

Perhaps, maybe there is a book out there like what I'm looking for.   Or perhaps someone way more artistic than I am would be able to draft up some concepts for me?    I have images in my head that want to get out!  

Okay, enough of my waffling about my crazy dreams! 

In other news, I spent my lunch hour today looking at my Smashwords format manuscript of Extraordinary Part 1.  I'd made some changes as I formatted it, so was comparing it to the original manuscript to make sure the changes got transferred.  After about ten minutes of side-by-side comparison, I started editing some more.   Just small tweaks to the original (and therefore the Smashwords one) but it is now slightly different to the online version I've posted on here.   Therefore, once I've finished each chapter, I'll be posting the further edited versions online, replacing the chapters that are there.  They aren't TOO different, so you won't have lost out if you don't re-read them.  I am just hopeful that the changes mean the story runs smoother (every writer's dream - and by that I mean mine!) and is even more enjoyable.  

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Also, please feel free to comment leaving questions for my "Q&A Spot" here on my blog.  I need questions to answer please! 

Can't wait to hear from you!


18/08/2012 3:00am

Haha I tried googling "Drawing dragons using a dog as a base form" just in case ya know, it exists. All that came up was "Evie Asterwyn"" hehe


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