I thought I'd just give a bit of a heads up as to what else is to come in the series of The Star Kin Chronicles.  So here goes:

Manuscripts completed and now in editing: 

Extraordinary Part 2 - The rest of Cassandra's story.  Things get interesting as Alex and Cassie struggle to find a balance in their relationship, while she is intent on keeping everything a secret - and placing herself in danger - and he is trying to keep her safe from the dangers of his life.

The Secrets We Keep - Parts 1 and 2 - Alexander's story.   The story set out in Extraordinary but from Alex's perspective, which outlines a lot more about his life than Cassie's story tells.  

Manuscripts underway:

A Guardian's Love - Amaia's story.  This story starts out right at the end of Cassie and Alex's stories, but shoots forward five years, to tell the story of the sacrifices that Amaia is willing to make as a guardian, for her Star Kin and her family.

The Star Effect - Alex, Cassie and Celeste's story - This one I have attempted a three person narrative.  All three characters tell different parts of the story, which collaborate into a whole.   Set twelve years after the events of Extraordinary, this tells the tale of what happens when Cassie explores the portals that her family have previously examined, and the effect that it has on her family when she comes back a changed person.

Ideas/Drafts for future stories:

Celeste's Story - what happens when a bond that destiny has set in place is broken?

Kelsey's Story - Is it possible for a Star Kin to find love, when she's fought to avoid it for so long?

Alistair & Charlotte's story - Love can be incredible, and overwhelming, and deadly.  Can these two find a way through their differences to embrace their future?

Maverick's story - It's a hard life, when you aren't all that you want to be.  Is it possible to find happiness with the one person you think is out of your league?

Plus a few more ideas... I think I'll be busy writing for a good long time yet! 

Please don't forget to comment about what I've posted so far, both blog and story-wise!   I'd love to get your feedback and advice.

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