I have discovered one good thing about self-publishing: 
Deadlines are (slightly) flexible.

I had every intention of having Extraordinary Part 1 up for sale through Smashwords by the end of October.   But then life, as it does, jumped in and caused some delays.

I started a new job (which I love) and managed to get a bit of time off before starting to visit my family who live about 515 kilometers (that's about 320 miles) away.  I don't see my family often, so I took the opportunity.  

But then, two weeks before I was due to visit them I came down with what our NZ doctors are terming "the 100 day cough".  

I still visited my family, but in the last 4 weeks I have had very little sleep thanks to this darn, frustrating, irritating cough!   However, I managed to get what I thought was my final draft of my ebook done while I was visiting them.

I arrived back home and realised that there was one or two other things I hadn't checked my draft for, so yes, I started editing... again!!!

Meanwhile, I've started working, been editing (and coughing) through my evenings.   But right now, once I finish typing this, I will be doing one final read-through, to make sure that my changes haven't messed up the readability of my draft.   Then I'll be getting ready to convert my file into those lovely file versions that all those e-readers love to read (and completely updating the book on this site too.

So, my new deadline is now the 4th of October (Sunday night to me!).  

Keeping fingers crossed that all goes well!   I want to get back to posting updates on Part 2 for my readers!


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