I know it's totally going to be worth it, once my second book is done.  

I keep telling myself that.

But right now, I'd rather throw it out a fifteenth-storey window, than have to face re-reading or editing anything!  Which is a shame, really, considering this book is my favourite of the two.  

I powered through Part 1, almost like a machine.  I edited and re-edited, chopped and changed it.  I'd even set it up into 4 different documents - for the original manuscript, the two e-books (Amazon/Smashwords) and the paperback version - prior to my final few read-throughs and  edits.  Technically, I was updating five different copies (along with the one I had posted here on this site) all at the same time.

Madness, I tell you!

This time around, I decided I am not going to even begin creating the other documents, until I'm sure that the original manuscript is right.  The only place I'm posting now is on Wattpad (look me up!) as I complete each chapter.  I learned a lot through editing the first book, so this time around I know what I'm looking for, as I edit, so I can change several things at the same time.

I'm even well into the storyline of Part 2.  In all honesty, it is the more interesting storyline - more adventure, more romance, more drama and more evil for Cassie to face.

So, all-in-all, this should be easier, right?

But, still, there is that very tempting idea of book meeting window... 

Perhaps I need a holiday.  A few weeks to do something other than write.  The only thing is that, when I leave my writing alone, it calls to me, like some homeless specter who has decided to take up residence inside my head - and my fingers - howling at me to return to the laptop; to continue typing.   I feel almost guilty, leaving my laptop anywhere except where I am.  I feel like I am abandoning my characters, like children, when I walk away.

I'm pretty much convinced that the madness has claimed me, and that I'll never be able to see a situation unfold, or hear a story, or look at random items, without it all screaming my characters' stories at me.   And, strangely enough, most of the time I'm quite happy to be mad!  

But today, it's getting to me. 

Am I the only one going through this?  Or is this a regular kind of madness that writers get involved in?  Becoming so tangled up in our characters lives and adventures, that nothing in the real world seems quite as real as our stories? 

Am I alone in this?

Comment below and let me know!


Evelyn Thompson
09/05/2013 3:23am

Perhaps your writing is YOUR "heartstone"!!!! You've got the touch!

18/05/2013 3:22am

Thank you for your comment Evelyn! Perhaps it is :) I know that I really enjoy writing, and I hope you enjoy reading what I write :)


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