*** Update  10/11/2012***
I have updated Extraordinary Part 1 on this website to the latest version, so what you read here is what you'll get in the ebook.   I have also added links on the Novels Page and also at the bottom of every 5th page or so of the Extraordinary Story to the Smashwords page where you can buy the book.

In addition, I have submitted the ebook to Amazon for sale as well, so you should see it there within the next couple of days.  I will upload the link once it's available here on the site.


And finally it's done!

I am very, very pleased to announce that Extraordinary Part 1 is now available to purchase through Smashwords.   Here is the link:

Extraordinary Part 1 - The Ebook!

I will be, over the next couple of days, placing the official link on the "Novels" page, and also updating the online version to match the e-book version (there have been a few small changes made prior to publishing, but due to my overdue deadline, I didn't update the site as I went) so there are a few things left  on my list of things to do!

I am super excited and so happy that I have finally completed it.   I have published it using all the available formats there, so you can purchase and download it for Kindle and Sony e-readers, as a PDF to read on computer or tablet, or can opt to view it on web page or in RTF format (which reads it using Microsoft Word).

I will also be looking at publishing via Amazon over the next few weeks, and also through Lulu (who both have the option of doing print versions of the books as well).  But those who follow me on Facebook, Twitter and on this site, will all hear about it first!  

Well, I'd better head to bed.  In amongst all my writing, I'm also working, and I need sleep to function - unlike the Graysons!! 


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