I had a very busy weekend, with book promotion and editing, as well as the renovations that I've been working on around home.  Evie has been a busy girl! 

I also issued a promotional discount code, via Smashwords, for people to be able to download my e-book for free.  Unfortunately, unless I'm part of Amazon's exclusive KDP Select, I could not run a free weekend through them.  If I were to sign up, I'd have to remove my book from other listing sites.  That's not a choice I'm willing to make just yet, so I decided to discount through Smashwords instead  (and yes, Smashwords does have a file type which will read on Amazon Kindles!) 

My promo code was used a few times to essentially give away my e-book, Extraordinary Part 1. Not as many sold as I would have liked, however, some did sell, so that's always a bonus!  

Posting my e-books as a free read on Wattpad has resulted in a few positive comments, which have made my day!  I have to admit I'm still sitting in that grey zone where I'm waiting for my first negative comment... It's a bit like waiting for a hammer to fall!  However, I am pleased that so far, at least, no-one has hated it enough to say so!  And of those who love it, some have left amazing feedback.   So, if you like my book (or if you don't!) please do not hesitate to leave me a comment on my many profiles (links are available throughout the site) or here on my Comments Page.

In other news, I am hoping that the rest of my Weebly website will be live this evening.  I'm just running a few last minute link checks and, all going well, it should be up and running again!


The Site is now LIVE! :)  See you there!


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