It has now officially been a month since I set up this site, and all the various profiles that go along with my Evie Asterwyn pen name.  

I have really been enjoying sharing my novel "Extraordinary" online with those that are following the story.

I have been busy posting the link on my Twitter and Facebook accounts, and I notice that the days I do this are the days I see a lift in the number of hits my site receives.  This is a good thing, I think (or at least I hope!).

The only thing that I haven't seen yet, are comments through the site.  I am looking for honest feedback (the good, the bad, and the constructively critical) so I have different places where comments can be left:

Table of Contents page - beneath the picture that runs down the contents list, there is a comments field.  I hope it's working correctly, please let me know if it doesn't!  If you leave a comment, unless you ask me to not post it up, I will share it on my Comments page.  

Here, on my blog.  Beneath each blog entry is a link to leave a comment.  You'll also find share/like buttons for Twitter and Facebook, so if you feel like it, you can share my blog online with your friends.

In aid of "ease of use" I've also added a quick poll to the Table of Contents page, just beneath the comment section.  Here you can state your opinion of the story thus far.    I'll be changing up the question from time to time.   At present, I've been looking into e-publishing the novel series.  So my question to my readers is:  Should I publish Extraordinary as an e-book?  This would mean that to read it, it would have to be purchased.  However you'd get the full book, readable on (what I have been told) most e-readers.  

At this stage, I'm doing this just for feedback purposes.  I'm trying to get a feel for whether the book is actually any good.  I know it's only half way published on the site, though I think having published 18 chapters in a month is not bad going.

Of course, my faithful followers would not have to purchase the e-book, if i did publish it, because 1) I would not take the book down from this site. and 2) I would try to arrange a way for those who have commented (leaving email addresses etc.) to get a free copy of the ePub file once it is complete... that is, if I go ahead.  Otherwise it will always be free to read on this site.

So please, please, please let me know what you think.  And please share the link to the site, so that I can get a much larger response and thus a much fairer picture of the reader's point of view.




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