Another question needs an answer :)  My favourite thing to do is get in touch with my readers, hear their questions and answer them.  Blogging is so lonely as a one-person act!

So the question for today is:

Q:  Where you do the majority of your writing?  Do you have a writing room?

A:  Believe it or not, I do most of my writing in my bedroom, on my bed!  I don't officially have a writing room - yet!  However it will happen one of these days when I get a chance to revamp my study into something resembling more of a writing room and less of a storage room.   
I spend my evenings with my music playing and my trusty little net-book on my lap, working away at my writing.   My net-book goes absolutely everywhere with me (I have abandonment issues when I leave it behind!) so that if the mood strikes me - or inspiration - I can tap something out resembling the beginning of a new chapter or a new story.
I hate writing in a quiet space - and I know some authors out there might throw their hands up in horror at the thought of ever having any background noise when writing is going on - but for me, music is my muse and it sets the tone for a lot of my writing.
I find that having a space to write is not as important as having an environment in which to write.  Music moves me and gets my emotions going.  Then I feel I can step into my character's mindsets.  I have various songs that speak to me from my characters' hearts, and I use that as a "setting" then I write the story to fill the gap.   
My bedroom is a comfortable, safe space for me.  I can write and laugh or cry along with my characters, without feeling like the whole world is watching me.  Then, once I'm done, I can safely venture out into the world again, satisfied that I've poured my heart - or my characters' hearts - out onto paper, for editing later! 

If you've read Extraordinary Part 1, you'll see that there are a couple of songs mentioned there, and they are songs I play a lot when I'm writing.   Believe me, those songs (and many like them) have been blasted out through my net-book speakers, or my loudspeakers, when I've been tucked away in my room writing.

Ask me about some of the songs that inspire me - that would lead to a whole other posting here on Inside Evie's Mind :)


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