... Either that, or it's trying to tell me something.

Over the last few days there have been some rather bizarre coincidences "appearing" around me as I go about my real life.

Firstly, my character's names are appearing with alarming regularity around me.  I've run into several Alistairs, a couple of Alexanders, a Cassandra, a Charlotte and several Maries.  (Marie is Cassie's mother's name in my books.)  That in itself is not so strange, as they are not entirely unusual names.  What is strange is that they have been appearing as client names at work.  
So, okay, I figured that's bound to happen.  People have names.  No reason they can't have names that my characters have.

But then, today, a very bizarre coincidence occurred.

I was searching for a client's postcode on the New Zealand Post website.  That is a standard job I do every day, to ensure our mail gets to the right place.  In this instance, I was searching for a postcode in Southland, which is at the other end of the South Island of New Zealand from where I am situated (I live in the mid North Island, and have never ventured further south than the southern tip of the North Island).  So, of course, I have never been anywhere near Southland.

I typed in the address details this client had given me, to try to discover his post-code.  I wasn't having much luck, as it appeared he lived somewhere between two small townships.  So I was running a more general search, to see if I could find out which was the correct code for his area.  I put both of the small townships in together:

"Mossburn, Lumsden"

Imagine my surprise, when up on my screen pops:

"Mossburn Lumsden Highway, Castlerock, Lumsden"

I swear, I did a doubletake.  


No freaking way!

My characters live in a small township called Castle Rock, which is a real town in southern Washington, just a wee bit north of Portland, Oregon, in the good old USA.

I didn't even KNOW we had a Castlerock in New Zealand.

My Mind = Officially Blown.

I sometimes think the world is trying to tell me something.
Or maybe not.  Maybe its all coincidence.

So what do YOU think?  Is it a sign of some sort?  Or am I just running into a bunch of weird coincidences?  

Officially Freaked Out and Amazed

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