If you want to find out, read chapter 25!

I have finally posted Chapter 24 - Surprises and Chapter 25 - Explanations.

In Chapter 24, Cassie finally discovers Astra's secret, and more about this connection that Charlotte and Alex seem to think they have.  It's there, alright!   But how will Cassie react when she sees Astra in a way she never expects?

In Chapter 25, Alex finally gives Cassie the explanations he has been promising her.  Cassie discovers she is more to the Graysons than simply Alex's girlfriend.  But is she ready to face the responsibilities that come with her position?  And now she knows what she is, is she prepared to find out what she is meant to do?  

Coming soon:  Chapter 26 - Frightening Expectations
Cassie finds out about the Grayson's enemy.  Will everything she's been told prove too much for her to handle? 

I hope you are enjoying the story so far.   Please post your feedback, I'd love to know what my reader's think, good or bad.   


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