Despite the end of the Mayan calendar - at least this era of it, anyway - I am pleased to announce that yes, I survived the "end of the world" 2012.  

I am sitting here, currently listening to a favourite song of mine and looking forward to Christmas.  I have been busy over the last few days, posting chapters  for Extraordinary Part 2.  

As Cassie and the Graysons head to Jennabeth's house in the North Cascades, to prepare for the coming battle, Cassie is facing her visions with determination... if only Alex could be convinced to let her fight!  She knows that without her input, there is no positive outcome from this battle.  Alex, however is determined to protect Cassie - even if it means he cannot fight.  
But we all know Cassie... quietly determined, even if easily frightened.  But her love for the Graysons outweighs any fear she may feel.  So if she can get in on the battle, she will, without thinking about the consequences she might face.

For those who are only just joining us, I have now added a link at the top of the Table of Contents for Part 2, sending you back to Part 1, so you can read from the beginning.
For those who have been following through the story from the very beginning... thank you!  I appreciate your continuing support.  I will be posting chapters over the holiday period, hopefully finishing Part 2 and uploading it as an e-book (time permitting, of course!)

Now we are heading well into the Christmas Season, I just want to take a moment to wish my readers a very Merry Christmas and a hopeful and joyful New Year.   
Have a wonderful holiday period, be good, and stay safe!


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