I have just posted Chapter 10 - Cassandra's History, and Chapter 11 - The Arrival of Astra.  They are available to read on the Table of Contents page.

Things are starting to get interesting, with Alex sending Cassie mixed signals, but finally opening up to her about his apparently normal past.  However this doesn't coincide with the information that Cassie has found.  Add to that the bizarre occurrences on their camping trip, and now Cassie is filled with even more questions.
In these next two chapters, Alex starts questioning Cassie about her past, which she eventually reveals to him.  Things in their relationship take an unexpected turn, just before Astra turns up.
Will Cassie get any of her questions answered?  What secrets is Alex hiding under his calm facade? And what is the deal with Astra and Cassie?

Things are only set to get more intriguing in the next few chapters, so read on, my friends - read on!
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