I have been having a rough few days.  

It happens to everyone, I know, and it seems to happen to me quite a lot.

One thing I have noticed is that when I'm at my lowest point, people tend to blame all the writing I'm doing.  

"You need to get out more."  "Why don't you just take some time off and go away for a few days?"  "Have you ever thought about doing something more exciting/different?"

For me, however, writing IS my escape.  It is my get-away, and allows me to go places and do things that I'd never have the ability, or the means, to do.  

What I wouldn't give to be able to just drop everything and go, head out on the road/to a tropical island/up to the mountains etc.  If my daily responsibilities and life itself weren't so time and means consuming, I would go just like that.

So instead I choose to write.  And if nothing comes to me, then to read. 

My imaginary world, with its imaginary people, is the place I go to hide.  The place I visit when real life is too intense, or too frightening, or too stressful to deal with.  The place I escape to when the dramas surrounding me are busy reflecting reality television (who came up with that as "entertainment" anyway??  No WONDER the world is ending up as screwed up as it is, with people like that as our "examples" of what "real" people are like!  Heaven help us all!) 

But I digress...

Yes, I suppose I am digging my head in the sand, but I happen to LIKE my sand!  And I happen to LIKE digging around in it!   Sometimes my habitation of my alternative reality is more secure and real to me than my so-called "real" life  (which, let's be honest, is sometimes so cold and barren in its "reality" that it defies belief!).  

I guess, though, in the end, life is what it is.  

Everyone needs an escape from it.

And mine is writing.

So tell me, what do YOU do when your life is overwhelming, to help you relax, get some perspective or just to cope?   What is it in your life that makes you smile, brings you joy, or helps heal you when you feel completely run down?  

Where is your happy place?


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